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Delivering more than 20% savings on all 9-18 liter diesel engines, guaranteed!


Following years of development and product refinement, our market-ready, aerospace-grade engineered ICA unit delivers guaranteed savings specifically for the off-road market. Designed specifically for 9-18 liter engines, our units have consistently recorded over 20% operating cost savings during recent durability testing with a number of distributors and third-party testing facilities.


Our customers can be ROI positive in as little as four months depending upon the usage and model. As an example, a C13 that is in service for 250 hours per month or more, would be ROI positive in approximately five months when using the HyTech ICA system. 



The heart of the hydrogen system is a sealed, self-contained, hydrogen producing system.

Timing Controller

The timing controller interfaces with the engine's computer and/or signals shifting of the injection amount and its timing for precise delivery. 

Port Injection System

Designed to carry and inject hydrogen gas to the ideal location, at the ideal timing and with precise quantities.


As a company, we are 100 percent confident in our ability to deliver significant savings for our customers through our ICA unit - so much so that we are willing to guarantee our customers a minimum of 20% operating costs savings. In fact, we are so confident that our customers will save more than 20% that our business model is built around our customers' savings. To find out more about our innovative Customer Savings Agreement model, testing results, or to be informed of new products, please contact us directly at



Zero Emission Vehicle

A zero emissions vehicle, or ZEV, is a vehicle that emits no tailpipe pollutants from the onboard source of power. The HyTech Power ZEV technology works as a retrofit to existing vehicles, including on-road vehicles, off-road equipment, generators, refrigerated trailers, marine vessels, locomotives, and aerospace applications.

  • Runs on 100% hydrogen

  • On-board hydrogen generator eliminates the need for high pressure hydrogen stations and costly infrastructure ramp up

  • Low-pressure energy storage

  • Eliminate range shortfalls with our dual-fuel option

  • Stackable storage system allows the vehicle to meet or exceed the distance achieved by traditional fuel and allows for tank exchange


Scalable Energy Storage

The HyTech Power fully integrated micro-grid system provides power for every energy need. It eliminates fossil fuel dependency, provides low-pressure energy storage, is non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. The HyTech Power system lasts 80% longer and may be recycled, unlike comparable technologies like Li-Ion. 

The HyTech Power SES system is based upon tiered-consumption and is scalable starting from 10kW, making it an effective solution for both residential and large-scale commercial needs. It is fully assembled and includes a control center for renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind generators.

Applications include residential, commercial, military, emergency, bridge power, and micro-grid power usage.

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